We address areas of plant 而且 crop science 而且 plant-microbe associations that are critical to crop production 而且 quality. We have several internationally significant research groups, including in the areas of postharvest biology, 真菌学, 而且 plant molecular genetics.

金沙官网登入的研究 falls into the following topics:


We have a flexible approach to meet the needs of our clients 而且 will develop research proposals in close consultation with partners from industry 而且 government. We also have an extensive portfolio of fundamental research funded by the 研究 Councils, underpinning 而且 informing our applied work.


金沙官网登入的研究, consultancy 而且 training activities are underpinned by world-class facilities 而且 service resources that are unique to 克兰菲尔德:


We work with a range of partner organisations, including:

  • 不明白
  • NERC
  • 英国创新
  • 各种行业合作伙伴