Thermal power and propulsion engineering have been at the very core of 克兰菲尔德’s research, innovation and education since the foundation of the College of Aeronautics in 1946. The activity since then has grown into a world-renowned 卓越中心 that encompasses advanced MSc and PhD postgraduate studies, 专业应用研究, a large portfolio of Continuing Professional Development courses and unique in the academic sector, 工业规模的实验设施.


The 推进和热动力工程中心“, is around 80 staff strong (including visiting 学者) and one of the largest research and education activities within the University. 这种活动横跨陆地, 离岸, 海洋, 航空和空间动力和推进应用, 在燃气轮机工程方面有特别的专业. 金沙官网登入相信燃气轮机在动力和推进方面有着非常光明的前景, 由于发生了根本性的变化,需要保护环境. 这些变化, 带来了几个令人兴奋的技术发展, 牢牢地嵌入在金沙官网登入的研究和教育交付. 这是一个深刻变革的时代,将产生对新人才的巨大需求.

为此目的, our activity is characterised by a very close integration of taught and short course education and research, 有100多名学生参加国际公认的 热力动力与推进硕士 课程,全日制和非全日制博士生80余人. 中心成功的关键在于金沙官网登入的教学质量, 金沙官网登入研究和技术人员的能力, 金沙官网登入的数字和分析能力, as well as our large-scale experimental activity housed in our Gas Turbine Laboratories.

There is a sea change taking place with a fundamental aim to protect the environment while protecting the socioeconomic benefits we are currently experiencing – 了解更多. 关键在于概念, 发展, 认证, 调试, 部署, operation and maintenance of advanced thermal power and production concepts and equipment.  金沙官网登入的团队是这场太空革命的核心, 空气, 陆海热电和推进应用. 其中包括氢在空间、空气、陆地和海洋中的应用,超临界CO2 循环和许多其他颠覆性的思想被传授, 研究, 由中心的职员和学生进行分析和测试.



Our Centre hosts perhaps the world’s largest MSc programme focused on propulsion and power systems for land, 离岸, 海洋, 空气和太空. The course is globally unique and internationally renowned for its industrial projects and double-degree programmes. There are two annual intakes of the course (in October and March) due to its immense popularity. 该课程每年通常会吸引超过15个不同国家的学生.

Students on the 热力动力与推进硕士 are expected to undertake research work in conjunction with our many industrial partnerships and, 为此目的, 他们被分配了一个学术和工业主管. 的赞助下进行了几个学生项目 劳斯莱斯大学技术中心 (UTC),由中心主办, 但还有一些是与其他组织和研究合作进行的. Students attending the course also have the benefit of access to our state-of-the-art laboratories and our Gas Turbine Strip & 建立实验室.

有各种各样的奖学金和助学金计划, 由中心提供, 帮助学生注册课程. 了解更多关于奖学金和助学金的信息.

The Centre strives to provide a steady stream of high-calibre engineers into industry and therefore is the first choice for several large OEMs as well as SMEs for student recruitment.


该中心有一个非常庞大的博士群体, 目前注册的博士生一般超过70人. There are substantial collaborative programmes with leading EU universities and national research establishments, 行业和政府. This provides a scale of activity to ensure a long-term commitment to emerging technology trends and innovation. 该中心的内部性能模拟工具, 经过几十年的发展, 以及整个操作范围的优化方法, 生命和环境影响构成了许多研究的基础. 在过去的十多年里, there has been a considerable focus on novel 空气frames and novel propulsion and power systems, 通常是在提高环境绩效和气候变化的背景下. A significant part of the Centre's research focuses on developing more advanced and comprehensive simulation models, 通常与多学科联系在一起, 高度集成的仿真框架. These now increasingly address techno-economic, environment and risk assessment (TERA) issues. These models have been widened to cover a range of circumstances (from power generation to aerospace, 包括城市交通), and the detail involved within the models has been progressively increased to include several aspects of the operational envelope of the ‘super-system’ and its sub-systems. 在一个不确定和变化的世界, the increasing competence and emphasis on TERA simulations provides a useful ‘agility in scoping studies’. It is very pleasing to note that several studies are being performed with ‘customised’ TERA tools, 评估当前及未来科技对环境的影响. Other studies seek to extend the models to include the influence of various regulatory policies, or the economic impact of new technology step-changes on the manufacturer and operator.


The Centre runs an extensive short course programme that has offerings for the whole power plant, 某些应用程序的组件和特定方面. We offer an extensive portfolio of gas turbine continuing professional 发展. 除了金沙官网登入提供的一系列公开课程之外, we can also develop bespoke courses tailored to specific needs and even deliver courses online. 金沙官网登入的分析和测试能力涵盖的研究领域包括:

  • 燃气轮机设计、测试、诊断、监测和性能;
  • 组件设计和评估;
  • 组件的生活;
  • 发动机和叶轮机械空气动力学;
  • 技术-环境和经济风险分析;
  • 多学科优化设计;
  • 实验和计算方法;
  • 动力装置集成.

A collaboration has been established with the ISABE (国际 Society for Airbreathing Engines) to run courses alongside the ISABE biannual conference.